Have you ever wondered how many obstacles a human being can overcome and how far one can reach based on effort and willpower alone? A very suitable person to answer this question would be our son, Spyros Seriatos.

Spyros knew from just a baby that he came into this world with a mission. A mission that was primarily a personal one.

Spyros was born and raised in Athens.

Early on, from the first few months, it was obvious that the pace of his speech and motor skills development, was slower than children his age.

It was very interesting though that at the same time, he understood and showed extraordinary maturity in matters that had to do with his behaviour, with feelings and values ​​of life.

He had already reached 3.5 years of age and his vocabulary was limited to only a few words that he had devised for himself and which only we (being his immediate family) understood.

We decided to visit a special center. After a series of examinations and meetings with oursleves and Spyros, we had a clear diagnosis.

Spyros’ developmental immaturity was due to his short-term auditory memory.  As such, he had to enter a speech and occupational therapy learning program with specialists.

Many parents have experienced similar situations, have felt uncomfortable and possibly sad, however, we actually felt relieved because now we knew what our child was facing and we took all the necessary steps in order to support him.

This smiling little kid who could not say more than10 words, could make everyone worship him and consider his personal development their own bet. That was the magic of Spyros’ character.

By the time he attended first grade in primary school, at the age of seven, he could now communicate normally for a child of his own age. However, he was still challenged in writing. He was very troubled until he managed to copy correctly from the board, and though, he never became familiar with the spelling of the Greek language.

The greatest challenge for Spyros and ourselves however, was to face the school system itself. Even when it came to the best private school in the country! We soon realized that there was no care and support for children with dyslexia and learning difficulties, despite the fact that we had been assured by the school otherwise.

The school suggested that we hired a tutor, but  this way Spyros was literally studying all day long, waking up at 6.30 am and practicing until 9 pm.

He never complained nor did he ever reacted negatively… We were very close, we spoke a lot and he showed great maturity. He knew his weaknesses very well, but he didn’t let them slow him down. Every day he surpassed himself.

Going to an International School from the 1st year of high school onwards, gave him the impetus to open his wings and fly to success.

The system of the school and the teachers supported Spyros in the best way, and every day he became a stronger student and a happier man both in his learning and personal sphere.

Throughout his career due to his character, his kindness, his ethos and his incredible humor, he always managed to become one of the most beloved children. Sports also played a special role. He has been involved in sports since he was quite young, which helped him develop as an athlete but also as regards to his personality.

With his spectacular evolution, he managed to be one of the first students to receive a scholarship from his University in the U.K, where he lives and studies today.

He is a mature and responsible young man with social skills and excellent courtesy.

He has a deep understanding of how hard his struggles have been and how hard he worked to achieve his goals.

That is why he is one of the few persons that can understand other childrQen facing similar difficulties.

We would like to advise all parents to be proud of their children, reward and show them their love every day and in every possible way. In every step, in every effort, in any failure or success.

Written by Alexandra Kapeletzi my mother