At CAPITOL & CO we believe that thinking big is not just an idea, not just a theory. We remind ourselves regularly that we have to be better than we think we are, as the size of our success is determined by the size of our beliefs.

We would like to invite you in this era of thinking and for this, instead of our company’s profile, we are sharing with you our way of thinking.

Changing the Game Since 1989, our team has been at the forefront of businesses as a committee. Many of our ideas and concepts have had such a vital impact on the success of corporations, that they have become fundamental parts to their business credentials over the years. We take pride in seeing our ideas successfully implemented and ultimately transforming into successful endeavors.


We partner with the public, private and NGO’S in all regions to detect their values and their opportunities, understand their most serious challenges and convert their enterprises from good to brilliant.

We do this by seeking competitive advantages for our Clients/Partners and their investments. Our method is to perceive the business in whole; the competitive system and its changing aspects. We start off by identifying market positions and capabilities that enable entities to deliver superior results in a sustainable manner. Credible data, severe analyses, external perceptions, root causes and explicit logic serve as foundations for objective decision-making. Strategy matters in all our business endeavors and we seek to identify advantages in a strategic manner in all of our ventures.

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Our business Ambassadors come from a wide variety of extraordinary backgrounds, working alongside knowledgeable specialists with years of industry and functional expertise under their belt. They hold qualifications across a wide range of disciplines, from business administration and economics to media and advertising, arts and culture, engineering and construction, technology and security, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, finance and entertainment to name a few.

A partnership standpoint leads CAPITOL & CO relations both internally and with our Clients/Partners. We consider a long-term perspective in our relationships. We work together in a means that is team-oriented, construc­tive and stimulating. We know that teamwork and cooperation are essentials to our success both as a company and as a person.

We respect our Clients/Partners and fully appreciate the challenges they face. We challenge our Clients/Partners and we seek to be challenged by them. We work at all levels of the organization to drive lasting change. We feel privileged to share in their achievements and we appreciate our Clients/Partners knowledge and capability.

We have to keep walking to meet our target.We have to focus on goals even if it is without listening to ourselves.When one says, “I cannot do it.” We should not believe it since, “When there’s a will, there’s a way”.“When you think of little goals, you have to expect little achievements”.

— MJS, Executive Officer

In the span of more than 30 years we have developed a reputation for our commitment to dependability, confidentiality, professionalism, responsiveness, diligence and detailed project management.  We approach each assignment with the uniqueness it deserves, by making tailored plans and employing the appropriate methods, techniques, and resources.

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