Bullying has been an issue in schools from the first grade until the last one. However, during the last years, bullying has been decreased in all around the world due to the fact that students feel safer and the feel that they belong to the school. (New National Bullying and Cyberbullying Statistics. 2017, July 31) Bullying is a phenomenon that continues to your adult life. Bullying is something that has been created by our society over the years due to discrimination. Years ago the same phenomenon ‘but in a much smaller extent’ was called standing up for yourself which is something that can help children stand up for their integrity in the school community or the real community.The phenomena of bullying can only be stopped from home. Parents are the ones that form their child behavior, thus, parents should get more educated on teaching their child to stand up in it feet. Bullying can’t be stopped, it can be prevented and transformed if schools do the following things from primary school. First reward positive behavior, second engage parents, third when bullying occurs, clear the scene and, lastly remove labels. These four prevention steps need to be applied by a young age to the students. (Bradshaw, C. 2017)

To begin, rewarding positive behavior helps students know what is right or wrong. Moreover, students will know that if they behave appropriately they will get rewarded. Hence, they will try to stop reacting unethical. On the other hand, inappropriate behavior should be punished so students will know what is wrong. Teachers should not get for grounded the good behavior displayed by their students, they should praise them when they display it so they will continue. Be rewarding positive behavior students will not think that bullying is cool anymore because they will get punished for it. (Institute, C. P. 2017, August 21)

Secondly, Parents should be observing their children behavior and attitude so then they can communicate with the teachers and let them know if the child is being bullied, is bulling or has observed it. The communication between the child and the parent can be fundamental preventing this phenomenon. In other words, children trust more their parents than their teachers, so, they can tell them more things about their school life. Parents should have a good communication with their child’s teachers, thus they can discuss any issue that can come up. (Institute, C. P. 2017, August 21)

Thirdly, the next way to prevent it is by breaking up kids that are fighting or the ones that are bulling each other. If teachers are observing bullying occurring they should clear the scene immediately. Moreover, talk to the students and solve the issue between them. Try to hear both sides don’t be judgmental. Listen what the others that observed have to say about the incidence. Be not being judgmental both bullies and the victims may trust you, which means that you are going to be their trusted adult. (Institute, C. P. 2017, August 21)

Lastly, schools should not label the children as victim and bully. Teachers should address behavior but don’t label them. Teachers should assess the situation, be non-judgmental. The student because is doing the bullying needs to know that what he/she does is wrong, for ethical reasons and that they are consequences for this behavior. It should be considered that the student that is bullying may have his/her own issues which then need to be solved by talking to him and his parents. Despite the fact that many parents think that their children are being bullied by being called a bully. (Institute, C. P. 2017, August 21)

To conclude, bullying is a phenomenon that can’t be stopped. However, it can be prevented and transformed in its advantageous old form. They are four main steps to do this, first, is rewarding positive behavior, the second one is engaging the parents, the third one is when bullying occurs, clear the scene, lastly, teachers should not label the children as victim and bully. This imperious manner should be taken more seriously by the government because a child can have dramatic effects on it.